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Who’s new in Membership? 

by Lois Bjelke

Our membership is 1070 as of September 30th. This includes 9 dual members not listed on the national printout. LOL gained 9 new members in September. Thirteen members with August renewal dates have not yet renewed, have been dropped by Denver, and are not reflected in the above number. We gained three more new members at the Fall 2000 Classic race, which are not yet reflected in Denver’s numbers.

Forty-five members are up for renewal in October, 35 in November, and 48 in December. Please renew promptly, especially if you are eligible for a membership award (10, 15, 20 years etc.) Membership must be continuous for membership awards.
Pat Lamon has graciously offered to help us with the directory, and is setting it up even as I type. We plan to send the directory with the December or January issue of The Tonneau. If your address, phone, etc. has changed, let us know NOW.

TO ALL MEMBERS: Please let us know when your address or phone number changes. Use those little cards from the post office, or email me at With the new area code changes (again!) we’re looking at a huge amount of work compiling this year’s directory. We need your help to get our information accurate and up to date. Denver takes two months to get your change to us, which means you lose two months of The Tonneau, and we pay at least a buck in returned mail charges - we could use those dollars elsewhere, believe me!

We’re still missing the following people’s phone numbers. Remember, we keep the LOL mailing list private, so your number is safe with us. You may also ask us not to publish your number in the directory. 

Anderson, David T.

Anderson, M. R. & Tyra

Blaska, Karen

Boltik, Ron

Buchwitz, James

Clemens, Rachel (area code)

Curtis, Jason

Glanz, Ken

Grossbauer, Scott

Hanson, Brynna & Freya

Henningsgaard, Aaron

Hess, Pat & Lindsay

Hoffa, Randy

Hoffman, Phyllis

Ingebrigtson, Jeffrey

Jones, William

Kirwin, Dave

Masiec, Elizabeth

Monson, John

Mullan, Jesse

Murphy-Gibson, Connie

Nelson, Erick

Owens, Mary

Sarkkinnen, Jarno (Finland) Shively, Shawn

Vessell, Frank

Wiles, Jim

Yanchar, Chris



Paul Bergquist

Scott A. Gates

George C. Hammerbeck

David Helgerson

Tom Jones


Nicolas Nowak

Amanda Pommer

Larry Warrington

The three new members who joined at the late September race are: 
Rick T. Wilson
Carolyn Benson
Ronald D. Lieferman

CONTACT: For phone number/address changes: Lois Bjelke; 251 16th Ave. N.W., New Brighton, MN 55112-7173, ph. 651-633-7096; Fax 651-635-9473; email or Other membership info: Jimmy Griggs, Membership Chair, 3612 Aldrich Ave S., Minneapolis, MN, 55409-1015, (612) 824-2070.

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November 2000

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