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Volume 100, Number 11

 November 2000

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Here we are again. We just finished up our last Club Racing event of 2000, the Fall 2000 Challenge. With 50 entries for the regional and 21 entries for the HPCC and despite the weather, a good time was had by all. A special thanks goes to all the drivers that helped provide lunch for the workers. The combination of the HPCC and the "spread" that was available for lunch made for a unique event that does have promise to continue (but hopefully much earlier in the year).

With the year in racing behind us, we cannot forget the support that Solo II, Rally and RallyCross have given the club this year, and with continued successful events across the board they will help insure that LOL will be around for some time.

The board is working on plans for next year, trying to confirm chiefs for next year in addition to firming up dates at CBIR. If you are a current chief or chair and I have not had time to thank you - you have not been forgotten, your hard work did not go unnoticed. To the chiefs 


that I have talked to and are willing to re-up again for next year, you will make the confirmation process a lot easier. If you are interested in trying something new, now is the time to speak up, because there are some areas where we need your help.

The 2000 Runoffs
by Lynn Anderson

Each Region is entitled to two press passes to the Runoffs - one writer and one photographer. As I did last year, I signed up Tony (Fubar) Foster for the writer pass and signed myself up for the photographer pass. As it turned out,Tony's plans fell through and he could not make it. 

This year's edition of the Runoffs, held on October 2-8 at mid-Ohio, had eight LOL drivers entered in eight different races. (Lona Bradbury's region of record is New Jersey, but she is also a member of LOL.)

I arrived at Mid-Ohio on Thursday afternoon in a steady light rain. Qualifying sessions were in progress, but no fast times were being posted due to the wet track.

The weather for the Championship races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ranged from bad to miserable. Most races were determined by choosing the right tires. That is NOT Championship racing in my opinion! The weather was constantly changing - a little sunshine followed 5 minutes later by rain (sometimes freezing on the track), sleet, or snow - sometimes 3 of the above during one race. On the grid for most races, one could find cars with slicks, full rain tires, and several varieties of "intermediates". On the grid for the FA race, one enterprising team kept their tires in tire warmers until after the 5 minute warning and then put them on the car.

Results and pictures begin on page 3.

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The next General Membership Meeting will be held at 7:30pm November 17th at the Tri City American Legion, 400 Old Hwy. 8 NW, New Brighton, MN. There will not be a December Membership Meeting. The Awards Banquet will be Friday, January 19th at the St. Paul Holiday Inn. Complete details will be in the December Tonneau. 

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November 2000

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